Bucuresti, Romania is the capitol of romania and is located at 46°N, 25°E. It is also bordering the black sea. The relative location of romania is between Bulgaria and the Ukraine in the Southeastern region of Europe. 


Romania is located in the southeastern region of Europe near Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Serbia, and Hungary plus various other places in that specific region. One other distinct contributer to the region is the fact that romania is one of the countries that boarders the black sea along with a few number of other countries in Europe. 


Romania is a mountainous, beautiful, moist, populated land with much culture above it. Though the land is wonderful to live on, Romania is going through many troubles with pollution. Lately this has even been known to lower the rate o deaths in Romania which i will talk more about in human environment interaction.

Human Environment Interaction

Because of the pollution, life expectancy rates have dropped about 10-20% in the last 7 years the factories have been open. Also the infant mortality rate has doubled and the premature birth rate is higher than before. In Transylvania, Romania a small village called Copsa Mica was rated the most polluted area in Europe 2 years ago. Two Factories in the area are bringing down the life expectancy in the area and the once lushes hills are stained black with all animals except for sheep and others who can the survive the harsh pollution moved or killed by the environments condition.